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Some of the most asked questions in our business.

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1.  I have allergies, is there a way to improve the air quality in my home?
    (A)  First of all, keep your filters changed regularly.  We also suggest you have your evaporator coil checked, it may need cleaned.  We do both of the above for you twice a year with the Preventative Maintenance Plan.  You may also put a filtration system in your home.  It can clean up 99.98% of allergens from the filtered air your family breathes.  There are many irritating particles like dust, pollen, pet hair, mildew, lint and even bacteria that can be removed from the air you breathe in your home.

2.  Is there away to reduce my energy cost or control it somehow?
    (A)  One thing you can do that is no cost to you is to adjust your thermostat.  For every degree you lower it during the winter, you save about 3% of your heating cost.  For every degree you raise it during the summer, you cut about 6% of your cooling cost.  That's big savings.  You can also consider a high-efficiency variable speed system.  We can give you a FREE estimate at any time if this an interest to you.

3.  How long does a typical gas furnace or air conditioner last?
    (A)  The average life of a gas furnace is about 15 years.  The average life of an air conditioner is about 12 years.  To help prolong the life of your systems, you need to inquire about our Preventative Maintenance Plan.  Having your system maintenanced yearly is very important.

4.  Why would I ever need to replace my system if it is working?
    (A)  A new heating and cooling system could save you up to 50% on energy cost.

5.  My unit has ice all over it, why?
    (A)  This has to do with air flow restriction.  Try changing your air filter and cleaning your return registers.  If there is ice on the line at the compressor, turn your thermostat to the off position and give us a call.  This is a problem we need to come out and diagnose so that we can try to prevent any damage to your compressor.

6.  How often does my A/C filter need changed?
    (A)  There is no correct answer for this.  The frequency of filter changes is driven by how much your HVAC system operates.  Start by checking your filters once a month.  At a minimum, it is always a good idea to change your filters at the start of the heating and cooling seasons and then in between seasons if needed. 

7.  My unit is running but the air coming out doesn't feel very cold?
    (A)  This means the unit is probably low on freon.  Give The Air Guy a call. 

8.  What if my outside unit quit running but the indoor unit is still running?
    (A)  Call for service.  You can try flipping the breaker to the A/C off and waiting 30 seconds and then turning it back to the on position.  If this fails, call The Air Guy.

9.  How do I know what size system I need in my house?
    (A)  The Air Guy would run a heat load calculation.  This must be done by a licensed HVAC contractor.     

10.  My thermostat quit working?
    (A)  Change the batteries.

I hope you found the answer to your question here.  If you need further information or have any questions, please feel free to call The Air Guy at 678-660-3110.

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